Directors 2017-18 Company Board Position Term
Board of Directors        
Mary Younger National Tobacco Company South Central Chair 2017-2018
Lynn Kendrick, CBA Whayne Supply Co. South Central Vice Chair 2017-2018
Doug Madison Plumbers Supply Co., Inc. South Central 2nd Vice Chair 2017-2018
Joe Knaebel GE Appliances a Haier Company South Central Councilor 2017-2018
Mike Bengert, CCE, CICP Atlas Van Lines, Inc. South Central Director 2017-2019
David Schmelzer Lanham Hardwood Flooring Co. South Central Director 2015-2018
Stacie Reed Rogers Group, Inc. South Central Director 2017-2020
Bradley Dearing Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp. South Central Director 2017-2020
David Brooks (retired from Stock Yards Bank) South Central Director 2017-2018
Melissa Blakely, CCE, CICP Zeon Chemical South Central Director 2015-2018
Mike Wainscott Williams Equipment & Supply Co Memphis Director 2017-2020
H.D. Wheeler Servpro Industries Inc. Nashville Director 2016-2018
Bob Stephens Graybar Electric Co., Inc. Louisville Director 2017-2019
Bill Riat, CCE Anchor Industries, Inc. Evansville Director 2017-2019
Travis Banks Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC Lexington Director 2016-2018
Nashville Advisory Council        
H.D. Wheeler Servpro Industries Inc. Nashville Chair 2016-2018
Sam Slifka A.O. Smith, Inc Nashville Vice Chair 2016-2018
Brooks Odom American Paper & Twine Co. Nashville Councilor 2016-2018
Lori Hanning Bass Security Service/ Girtman & Associates     Nashville Director 2015-2018
Lynn Fox TBHC Delivers LLC Nashville Director 2016-2019
Louisville Advisory Council        
Bob Stephens Graybar Electric Company Louisville Chair 2017-2019
Stacey Orsini Habegger Corporation Louisville Director 2017-2019
Brad Good Metropolitan Sewer District Louisville Councilor 2017-2019
Norma Ehrhart H. D. Smith, LLC, Louisville Director 2017-2018
Hank Heissenbuttel, CBF Ivan Ware & Son, Inc Louisville Director 2017-2019
Evansville Advisory Council        
Bill Riat, CCE Anchor Industries, Inc. Evansville Director 2017-2019
Don Crance Lensing wholesale, Inc. Evansville Vice Chair 2017-2019
John Kippenbrock Koch Air LLC Evansville Councilor 2017-2019
Angela Slaninka Kimball Furniture Group, Inc. Evansville Director 2017-2020
Russell Reichard Jasper Engines and Transmissions, Inc. Evansville Director 2016-2019
Lexington Advisory Council        
Travis Banks Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC Lexington Chair 2016-2018
Tara Pease, CBF Ashland, Inc. Lexington Vice Chair 2016-2018
Eileen Harrod Harrod Concrete & Stone Company Lexington Councilor 2016-2018
Stephanie Shaver Best Choice Supply Co. Lexington Director 2017-2020
Alisa Suslikova Lockmaster Lexington Director 2016-2019