NACM South Central offers the Southern Indiana, Kentucky and Middle Tenessee areas a wide array of credit services. Business credit is the world's largest source of financing and demands rigorous oversight. Credit managers are responsible for assessing the risk posed to their companies by granting credit to specific customers; for approving credit terms; and for managing accounts receivable. With so many complex, critical functions to perform, credit managers rely on NACM South Central to provide up-to-date business information and best practices.

NACM South Central providesexpertise in credit management through a variety of member services, including:

  • Collections—affordable, turnkey debt-collection services for credit managers who prefer to outsource this function.
  • Consulting—access to a team of experts to tackle tough issues like credit applications, credit policy, management reports and much more.
  • Credit Reporting—low-cost credit histories that can be used to predict risk and make sound credit decisions quickly.
  • Outsourcing—helping members with recovery and account management via electronic and traditional collection processes
  • Credit Groups—allowing credit managers in the same fields to engage in roundtable discussions of the payment practices of specific customers.