Business credit reports are the keystones upon which sound credit decisions are made, and NACM can provide you with the most complete, objective, and accurate reports available today.

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Credit ReportingCredit Reports contain:
  • Tradeline Information
  • Demographic Company Information
  • Inquiries
  • Public Record Data
  • Historical Payment Trends
  • Collections/Legal

...and more



 The collection of meaningful information about potential or current customers is central to successful credit granting decisions. This same information also has strategic implications: it can strengthen your company's understanding of your customer types which can lead to expanding your customer base. The credit department is, in effect, a strategic information consultant inside your company. Gathering the strongest predictive information about customers beforehand to assure your company gets paid reduces the risk of playing roulette with cash flow and profits.

NACM South Central can provide you with the most up-to -date information available about your customers, saving you time and money while ensuring sound and informed credit decisions. NACM is an industry leader in providing predictive data via credit reporting tools which companies like yours use to more aggressively compete in the marketplace. Today, NACM offers a reporting database linking 22 affiliates including over 700 industry credit groups nationwide. This database is large and growing every day. NACMS-C also sells every vendor report available today, including Experian, Equifax and D&B, as well as all consumer reports used in commercial credit.

NACM realizes that business credit reports are the cornerstones which help credit and finance professionals make the most sound credit decisions. NACM provides hundreds of credit professionals with today's most complete, objective, and accurate credit reports, every hour of the business day.