NACM is the leading association for credit and financial management professionals providing the tools and resources needed to succeed in today's world.nacm members info

Why become a member of NACM South Central?

As an NACM member, your company can take advantage of many services that will help make your business more profitable. NACM also encourages and fosters your professional development and keeps you informed of legislation and other events that may effect your business.

As a valued member of NACM South Central, some of your annual benefits include:

  • Access to educational opportunities (seminars, teleconferences, CFDD & NCME functions, NACM National Credit Congress)
  • Networking with fellow credit professionals, both on a local as well as national level
  • Favorable pricing on credit reports and collection services
  • Subscription to NACM's Business Credit Magazine
  • Monthly subscription to NACM South Central's Credit Digest
  • Access to advanced educational courses for CBA, CBF & CCE Certification
  • 5 complimentary NACM National Trade Reports ($100 value)
  • OR 10 complimentary NACM National Trade Reports for members who contribute/report
    A/R data electronically ($200 value)
  • One complimentary voucher to attend any one of our educational seminars, workshops,
    or dinners ($45 value)
  • One complimentary credit demand letter for each account placed with our collections department
  • Access to our Employer Assistance Program, complimentary job postings in Credit Digest and website

What does local NACM membership mean to credit professionals?

  • Professional Certification programs covering all aspects of credit management.
  • Expanded knowledge and heightened professional recognition as a result of higher education.
  • Career opportunities for those who qualify directly through NACM South Central.
Please contact us, and let's discover what NACM can do specifically for you.